Fulbright Information Session (April 8th)

While most of my international events have been purely for fun or to gain interesting information. But for my final international event this year, I decided to go to something a little more practical. On April 8th, Jaci (who is also the GEF adviser) gave a presentation on the what the Fulbright is and advice on how to apply. As a senior in the Global Engagement Fellowship program, I will have to apply for the Fulbright. Thus, the information I learned at this event will end up being very useful.

The cool thing about this event was that Hunter Brunwald, who was just accepted for a Fulbright teaching assistantship in Germany. Coincidentally, this is precisely what I would like to apply for in approximately 3 years. I know that it is extremely competitive, so his insight was really useful.

One thing I learned is that we do not have to go through the process alone; there is a board of OU faculty members who review the applications before the Fulbright program ever sees them.

Further, I learned that those applying for teaching assistantships sometimes have to come up with community engagement proposal. Hunter’s idea was to start an “America Club” to help local kids learn about American culture. I’m glad I found out about this aspect of the application now, so I’ll have ample time to formulate a good idea.